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August: Genealogy

Darwin's Theory, Wallace, Anthropology, the app that shows Kingdom Phylum Class Family Genus Species, etc.

Explore the findings, dangers, and ethics of companies such as 23 & me and Revisit Henrietta Lacks, are we giving away our rights to our own cells, or do we have any rights to them in the first place?

 Donor-organ/tissue/blood/bone-marrow genetic compatibility. Black market organs. Human Rights

Resources for researching family history. Challenges about interviewing family members- tips such as asking where they were when, if they remember simple things like types of phones, car they grew up with, bike they had. How far back can you trace your lineage? What is the oldest item that has been passed down from one generation to another that you own?

General Fun Genealogy stuff

Hamilton is a musical which enjoys continued wide-spread popularity. Hamilton celebrates the origins of America, and this celebration would be impossible without acknowledging that we are a country founded by immigrants. Except for those of Native American descent (and just a reminder, Native American does not mean Native American form the United States- it means Native American both North and South America), we all can point to our immigrant heritage. It might be one or two generations back, or it might go all the way back to the civil war. Your ancestors may have come here willingly, or may never have had a choice in the matter. Studying your own heritage can be a truly fascinating experience.

August Book Recommendations