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Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College

NUR 111

Common Health Problems

Information and Media Literacy

Use the tabs below to learn more about the importance of information and media literacy.

Information & Digital Literacy

We are all constantly consuming, sifting through, and searching for information online. How do you know what is true, accurate and reliable? 

Make sure you watch all 4 videos in the playlist below.



Additional Videos

The videos below are additional tools you can use to think about the reliability of the information, content, and resources you are using.


Social Media Misrepresentations

Social media is used for many different useful, creative, and informative purposes. Unfortunately, there are some people who use social media to intentionally mislead others.  


Crash Course In Media Literacy

This video series from CrashCourse covers how to navigate the information and media we are constantly surrounded by.


We have an unprecedented amount of information available to us all the time. Unfortunatley there are some who wish to manipulate others by spreading and encouraging the use of false information. 

An example of disinformation: Facebook notice that tricked many people into reposting it, with a funny explanation from College Humor: 

What are the types of misinformation that can be used to spread false or misleading information?



Try the Fake Out Game and Website Evaluation tool to test your  information and media literacy skills.



Fake Out Game

Think you can tell the difference between real and false information?
Try the Fake Out Game and see how you score!



Website Evaluation

Click on the worksheet below to work through the process of evaluating websites.

Website Evaluation