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Brightspace D2L

Brightspace D2L (Desire to Learn) is OCtech’s learning management system (LMS) where you access your classes, student email, and college announcements. It is important to check your classes and email before the first day to read any directions your instructors have for the first day.

Use the tabs on the left to learn more about Brightspace D2L.

Brightspace D2L is where students will:

  • Access Courses *It is important to look at all courses before your first day of class for directions about what to do. (Classes that are virtual will have instructions for the first day) See Navigating Courses in this tutorial for more information about navigating your courses.
  • School email-Your email should be checked every day. For information about your school email see the section on Student Email.
  • Campus Announcements-Important information the college wants you to know is posted on the homepage.
  • Register for Emergency Alerts-Directions are listed on the Homepage.

 Brightspace D2L Login Page