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Navigating Courses

Classes- Once you log in to the home page of Brightspace D2L you can access your classes by clicking on the button in the top bar on the right. A drop-down will appear with your classes. You will also find your classes in a box if you scroll down on the first page of D2L (the Homepage). Click on the individual class to see the class homepage where you will see contact information for your instructor and class announcements. Click on content on the bar at the top to see class content and the syllabus. When you open a class the navbar at the top has new options that are different from the college homepage.

Courses *Important to look at all courses before first day of class for directions about what to do on the first day. (Especially if you class is virtual) You will find the following information in your Class once you open one of your classes.

  • Class Homepage
    • Class Announcements
    • Instructor Contact Information
  • Content  (Click on Content to access the following.)
    • Syllabus-Class information, class expectations, and information on required textbooks, platforms, or supplies for the class
    • Class Modules or Sections that will have important information you need for your class.
  • Assessments- You will be able to see any current grades and assignments that have been put in Brightspace D2L for the class

View the following videos for more information about navigating content in a class. Each class is unique so you will want to familiarize yourself with your Instructor's expectations and any additional programs that your class may use. 

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