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AHS 119

Health Careers

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Use the Owl at Purdue for help with citations and formatting.

Each of our databases will provide the APA citation for each article.

AHS 119 - Health Careers

Best Bets - Databases

Use these databases to find information about health careers.

Best Bets - Books

Use these book resources to find health career information.


Use these websites for authoritative information about specific health careers.

Most professions have associations that certify and create guidelines for career paths.  For example, physical therapists have the American Physical Therapy Association.  Try searching for your career and its related professional association.   

Materials from Library Orientation

-Bibliographies take a lot of time, and attention-to-detail which can be  intimidating and frustrating

-Bibliographies appear at the end of the paper, but conversely, they should be the FIRST part of the paper you work on.

-If you keep an organized and annotated bibliography (and this does not have to be a stressful, my-instructor-will-grade-this process) you can save yourself an enormous amount of time and effort. Start now, and you will wonder why you ever wrote a paper without doing this.

Always evaluate your resources, regardless of format, and remember:








Remember that information literacy is a process just like regular literacy- the same way that you developed your vocabulary by using a dictionary to look up the meaning of new words, it's up to you to determine if you are looking at a reliable resource.