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Library Resources

Library Resources

Introduction Library Resources

The OCtech Library provides access to a wide range of resources for your papers, projects, and assignments.


Library Basics

-The library hours are 8:00am - 6:00pm Monday - Thursday, and 8:00am - 1:30pm Friday. We are not open on the weekends. 

-You can contact the library by email (, phone ((803)-535-1262), chat (on the right side of this page), and in person. We no longer offer Zoom meetings.

-Library databases help you find academic articles.

-You do NOT have to be in the library to use library websites. You may login while off campus and use online library resources.

-You may check out books and films and videos from the library. We also offer articles and databases, eBooks, subject and course guides online.

-All library databases will generate a citation for you. It isn't not recommended that you use the citation that the databases generate. It is best if you use that citation to help gather the necessary information and then create your own citation. If you need help with citations, please contact the library. We're happy to help with APA and MLA!

Introduction to Library Databases

The OCtech Library provides access to academic articles through its databases. We have a large number of databases, but you can start with the most commonly used ones below.


Accessing Library Databases

Using the OC Tech Library Databases

Finding Books in the OCtech Library

The library has physical books that are useful for your classes and for recreational reading. If we don't have what you need at our library, you can request books from any any academic library across South Carolina.


Searching for OC Tech Library Books

Finding eBooks in the OC Tech Library

We have several databases in the library that are primarily eBooks This video will demonstrate how to find and use those databases.


Finding eBooks in the OC Tech Library

Searching for Resources in the Library

This video will give you a brief introduction to starting your search for resources.




Library Employees

Jason Reed
Head Librarian
Cassidy Carter
Timothy Felder
Media Resources Consultant


Student Success Center Employees

Ellen Olson
Student Success Center Director


Don't hesitate to contact one of us if you need help!

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