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Open Educational Resources


CAPL - Culturally Authentic Pictoral Lexicon  (CC BY NC SA)
CAPL is an image repository that ties together linguistics with culturally authentic, primary source images. The photos included in this repository are captioned in both English and another language, including Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, and Ukrainian. The site also provides users with visual quizzes, including flash cards and matching games.

Creative Commons
Provides a search engine on their site, which allows users to find CC-licensed materials. The results are curated from a number of existing search engines. 

Europeana  (Site-Specific Permissions)
This is an online database supplied with works from many of Europe's galleries, libraries, archives, and museums. These materials include books and manuscripts, photos and paintings, television, newsreels, and films, sculptures and crafts, diaries and maps, and sheet music and recordings.

Flikr  (Item-Specific Permissions)
The photo-sharing site Flikr has a number of images whose creators have chosen to license them via Creative Commons. When searching their databases, the results can be narrowed to contain only the images who bear these licenses. Additionally, Creative Commons has made it possible to search for these images directly from their own site.

Open Clip Art  (Public Domain)
Open Clip Art is a database of high-quality images, all of which are in the public domain and are free for use.

Pixabay  (Public Domain)
Pixabay is a database of free, online images that are released in the public domain.