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Open Educational Resources

Multimedia Databases

ccMixter  (CC licenses)
ccMixter is a community music-mixing site licensed via Creative Commons. Users are allowed to download and sample the music on the site, and share it freely, in noncommercial ways. Some songs may have individual restrictions according to their licenses, but all are clearly marked with their Creative Commons logo and license type.

Internet Archive  (Site-Specific Permissions)
Internet Archive is an open-access, internet library created to preserve historical collections and to allow their access by researchers, historians, scholars, people with disabilities, and the general public. These materials are not copyright or restriction free, but they are freely available for viewing online.

Jamendo  (Item-Specific CC licenses)
Jamendo is a site where musicians can post their work and, thanks to Creative Commons licenses, allow listeners to freely download and share their music. The music is provided for private use free of cost, though some artists are willing to allow commercial use.

​​PBS Learning Media  (Site-Specific Permissions)
These materials provided by PBS are offered under varying licenses. Some can be streamed only, some can be downloaded, some can be shared, and some can even be altered. Attention must be paid to the individual material and permissions. Citations/ Attribution must always be provided for these materials.

Phet Interactive Simulations  (CC Licenses)
University of Colorado- Boulder offers online a database of simulations related to a variety of math and science topics. These simulations are free for instructors  to use, distribute, and modify - even in commercial ways. Attribution must be given to the original source, however.

Sound Cloud  (Some Item-Specific CC licenses)
While not all of the materials on Sound Cloud are open-source materials, the site does allow artists to choose the ways in which users are allowed to use, copy, repost, distribute, publicly display, publicly perform, adapt, prepare derivative works of, compile, make available and otherwise communicate to the public their content. This means that some songs are licensed via Creative Commons.The songs are posted in this online domain for free, and many can be downloaded through other domains such as iTunes or directly from the artists' websites themselves.

UC Berkeley  (Site-Specific Permissions)
University of California, Berkeley offers a wide variety of its lectures for free online to students around the world. These resources can be copied and distributed freely, so long as they are left in their original form, credit the source, and are not used for commercial purposes. They can be further downloaded and played via YouTube.