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Open Educational Resources

General Subject Databases

Applied Math and Science Education Repository  (Site-Specific Permissions)
AMSER is a database funded by the National Science Foundation as part of the National Science Digital Library. It provides educational resources to "faculty, staff, librarians, students and others for use in both educational settings or in their pursuit of lifelong learning."

Bloomsbury Academic (Open Access)
Bloomsbury publishing features a series of Open Content materials available for the public to read free of charge online.

Project Gutenburg  (Public Domain)
Project Gutenburg is a database containing books that are either free in the United States because their copyrights have expired, or are copyrighted works that the authors have given permission for them to be distributed freely, in non-commercial means. It has a wide variety of materials that could be of use as supplemental materials to an equally wide variety of courses.

Chem Ed Digital Library  (Site-Specific Permissions)
This digital library provides teaching aids to educators- in the form of textbooks, models, tutorials, and a variety of other multimedia. These materials are copyright protected, however they have been provided for educators to use. They cannot be used for any commercial means, cannot be posted anywhere, and must always credit the original source.

ComPADRE - Physics and Astronomy Education Communities  (Site-Specific Permissions)
ComPADRE is part of the National Science Digital Library, and provides a variety of online materials including simulations, tutorials, research and research opportunities, topical collections, and physics papers.

Computational Science Educational Resource Database  (Site-Specific Permissions)
CSERD is an online database sponsored by the National Science Foundation and is a part of the National Science Digital Library. It contains online education tools in the form of algorithms, models, activities, courses, tutorials, and a code library.

Digital Library for Earth System Education  (Site-Specific Permissions)
DLESE is a database funded by the National Science Foundation and managed by the National Centery for Atmospheric Research Library. It provides educators a variety  of audio, visual, text, and courseware materials.

Europeana  (Site-Specific Permissions)
This is an online database supplied with works from many of Europe's galleries, libraries, archives, and museums. These materials include books and manuscripts, photos and paintings, television, newsreels, and films, sculptures and crafts, diaries and maps, and sheet music and recordings. Courtesy of the Europeana foundation, these materials can be downloaded, printed, used, shared, and played with, and the rights to each individual piece are clearly displayed underneath. Most works are either in the public domain or are licensed via Creative Commons.

MERLOT II  (Site-Specific Permissions)
MERLOT II is a program of the California State University, in partnership with educational institutions, professional societies, and industries to provide a database of more than 40,000 materials related to a wide variety of subjects. These materials come in a variety of formats, including animations and simulations, assignments and quizzes/tests, case studies and reference materials, and open textbooks, journals, and articles. The intent is for these OER materials to be used by educators and students to enhance the learning experience.

NanoHUB  (Site-Specific Permissions)
NanoHUB provides resources related to Nanotechnology. They come in a variety of formats, including animations and models, courses and courseware, databases, and publications, amongst others. They are intended for noncommercial, education and research purposes. NanoHUB encourages its content providers to list them as open source materials, using Creative Commons licenses, and all rights/restrictions must be clearly defined on each individual resource.

OER Africa  (CC BY 3.0)
OER Africa provides a variety of materials, specifically geared towards Africa, that are intended to enhance teaching and learning, free of cost. Topics include Agriculture, Animal Production/Health, Economics, Education, and Food Safety/Human Nutrition.

World Digital Library  (Item-Specific Licenses)
World Digital Library is a free online resource that provides primary resources for educators, scholars, and general audiences. These materials include images and photographs, books and manuscripts, journals and newspapers, motion pictures, and sound recordings. They are provided by institutions from all over the world, including libraries, museums, universities, and religious organizations.